Betable Marketing Guidelines
  1. Marketing and advertising for the games must be undertaken in a socially responsible manner.
  2. Marketing and advertising should comply with the codes of practice which apply to the form and media in which gambling facilities or services are advertised and should also follow any relevant industry code of practice. For more information please review the UKGC's Guide to Gambling Advertising Codes.
  3. Marketing must not be directed at:
    1. persons under the age of 18; or
    2. residents of the United States or any other territory notified to the developer by Betable
  4. Any bonus, incentive or reward scheme offered by developer must be approved in advance by Betable.
  5. If any bonus, incentive or reward scheme is offered by developer:
    1. it must be clearly explained;
    2. it must be proportionate to the type and level of the customer's gambling;
    3. it must not be dependent on the customer gambling for a pre-determined length of time or with a pre-determined frequency (or be altered if the qualifying frequency is achieved within a shorter period);
    4. the value of the benefit must not increase at a greater rate than the amount the customer spends; and
    5. if it includes free or subsidized travel or accommodation which facilitates gambling, the terms on which it is offered must not be directly related to the level of the customer's prospective gambling.